About CoMoT Europe GmbH

CoMoT stands for Condition Monitoring Testing, which is specialized form of predictive maintenance testing required for substations. The substations are typically rated 11kv/33kv/66kv…765kv. We are forerunners in using the state of art technology from around the world to give best solutions to our client. The substation entities we are engaged in testing and health assessment are transformers, motors, switchgear, generators, turbines, power cables etc. Condition monitoring involves the regular measurement of parameters such as partial discharge,vibration, temperature and sound in and around machines and equipment. Condition monitoring typically occurs in onsite environments and is considered to be a safer, more efficient alternative to preventative maintenance

In condition monitoring, also known as condition-based maintenance, component defects are recognized at an early stage. This helps prevent costly downtime. Moreover, costs are saved due to the complete utilization of the runtimes of important machine components. Thanks to the intelligent sensor technology used in many of today's condition monitoring practices, condition-relevant machine parameters such as machine vibration, temperature and sound are measured directly at the source and analyzed by software designed to employ proven mathematical methods.


Everything we do is driven by INTEGRITY. It defines us as a business, a partner and a team. In this spirit, we build on the determination, ingenuity and hard work of those that came before us and those around us, developing stronger relationships and more integrated solutions. Through this, we forge leadership in Condition Monitoring Testing.

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To deliver economic value to customers through Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility management of their assets, projects, products and systems, resulting in license to operate risk reduction and performance improvement. Also to become a globally branded company pursuing excellence in Condition Monitoring Testing.

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